Artificial Intelligence

This is gonna get real.

Reproducible Research

April 30, 2019
We will delve deeper into what we mean by "Reproducible Research", and some of the best practices that scientists use to better document and share their work.

Exploratory Data Analysis

May 3, 2019
We will quickly recap the intro to linear regression from the homework from last class, and then spend some time manually digging through some data to better understand the first step in any Machine Learning Project: Exploratory Data Analysis.

Machine Learning and Object Oriented Programming

May 7, 2019
Before looking at any machine learning (ML) algorithms, we need to tool up. We will explore how Object Oriented Programming (OOP) can help us build new data types from those that are native to our programming language. What's more, we will see the beginnings of how an Application Program Interface (API) can help us leverage other people's code, to do more with less.

Frontiers in Machine Learning

May 14, 2019
We will explore some of the most influential ideas in the field of machine learning over the past twenty years.