Numerical approach to ODEs and optimization

"Change is the only constant" - Heraclitus

Ordinary Differential Equations (ODEs) can be used to model any process involving rates of change. Given Heraclitus' insight, you can see why ODEs are such an important tool in mathematical modeling.

The SIR model

March 8, 2021
The SIR model has proved incredibly useful in predicting the evolution of certain categories of infectious outbreaks and serves as our introduction to modeling systems with ODEs.

Zombie apocalypse

March 22, 2021
Well, all hell has broken loose. The zomb-pocalypse is happening!

Numerical solution of ODEs

March 26, 2021
Using numerical methods to solve ordinary differential equations.

Project 1

March 29, 2021
The Frisbee is one of the simplest objects for which air resistance not only slows down the object, but also provides noticeable lift. As a first larger project, you will explore the flight of a frisbee using a fairly simple model that still provides some insight on the physics involved.

Simple boundary-value and optimization problems

March 31, 2021
A brief introduction to root-finding, the nitty-gritty of floating point mathematics, and optimization.

Optimization and BVP lab

April 9, 2021
In this lab, you will use a simple example to practice the skills you need to complete Project 1.

Project 1 - Sample solutions

May 5, 2021
Solutions to the three levels for Project 1, but implemented using the SciPy library as a small demonstration of the depth of the Python ecosystem for scientific computing.